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Bitdefender vs. Intego – Comparison review

Bitdefender vs. Intego

All Internet users want to feel safe while surfing, no matter what device or software they are using. There are many online threats, viruses, fishing attacks, and many more that you can catch visiting malicious websites, downloading programs with hacker’s scripts, or receiving emails with an exploit attachment. The aim of all attacks is your private data, personal information, or software. That is why it is important to take care of online security.

There are several ways to protect yourself: creating backups, enabling multi-factor authentication, performing regular scans for infections, keeping all software up to date, using firewalls, monitoring web traffic, setting proper security configuration of access rights, and more.

In this article, we will focus on antivirus programs that detect and remove viruses and malware from your computer. They prevent malware from causing any damage to your computer and protect user’s data. We will compare two popular antiviruses – Bitdefender vs. Intego with detailed technical comparison to show which one is better and why.

Bitdefender vs. Intego – Comparison table

Supported OSWindows, macOSmacOS, Windows
Mobile/ Tablet versionAndroid, iOS
Internet protectionRansome, Adware, Spyware,
Zero-day exploits, e-threats, Rootkits,
Trojans, Worms
Malware, Spyware, Adware, Phishing
Real-time protection
System optimizer
Password Manager
Automatic Software Updates
Safe Browser
Web cab/microphone monitor
Gaming mode
Parental control
Business version
Free version
Dark Web Monitoring
Money-back guarantee30 days30 days
Free trial30 days7 days
Technical supportPhone / email / chatEmail
Additional featuresFile shredder, Safepay,
Antispam, Credit Card Monitoring,
and many more
Personal backup
Check Price
Check Price

Main differences between Bitdefender and Intego

Even though Bitdefender and Intego are antiviruses; they have significant differences in features.

  • Bitdefender has mobile apps, while Intego does not have any; you can only scan your connected mobile devices for vulnerabilities.
  • The trial period of Bitdefender is 30 days, while Intego proposes only seven days of free trial to understand if it is suitable for your needs.
  • Both the software has technical support, but Intego has only an email option, while Bitdefender offers email, chat, and phone options.
  • Bitdefender has numerous additional tools, while Intego has only personal backup as additional features.
  • Bitdefender supports all OS, while Intego focuses mainly on macOS.

More detailed explanation of differences and details of subscription plans are provided in the next sections.

Bitdefender and Intego – Overview

To understand better all main features and capacities, we provide a further general review of each antivirus further.

Intego Overview
Intego is a dedicated antivirus for MacOS. Even though it was created for Mac, there is an Intego Antivirus for Windows as well, but with a limited set of features. Intego has created an antivirus solution for Apple since 1997 (the company’s previous name was Rival). Intego has many useful features, strong security, and reliable technical support. The independent laboratories have proved that it can detect the vast majority of threats.

Intego security system for Mac consists of Virus, Network, and Content Barriers specially designed for Mac users. All of them protect Mac from all types of malware, viruses, and phishing attacks in real time. You can choose the required level of protection by purchasing the plan, including all tools (apps) or only some. For Windows, the software protects from cyber-threats with other tools: antivirus protection from malware, spyware, adware, and other threats; smart scan; bulletproof defense including zero-day threats; and web shield for safe browsing and shopping online.

All products are available in English, German, Spanish, Japanese, and French. For any questions, you may contact the live chat of the technical support team, but within working hours. Outside them, you may write an email ticket with a detailed description of your problem. You can use the comprehensive knowledge to find 99% of the responses there.


Bitdefender and Intego have strong protection features and can detect most of the cyber-attacks. But Bitdefender has more additional features and more possibilities of technical support, so it is the winner in the overview section.

Bitdefender vs. Intego – Face-to-Face Comparison

This chapter, in detail, compares the security and scanning features of the two programs. Also, you can find out system requirements and subscription plans. As Intego is the most popular for Mac users, we describe tools from the Mac package. For Windows users, the core features are the same, but they are not split into separate tools. If you need more information about Bitdefender, please check our previous comparisons with AVG and Avira.


Intego Scanning
Intego security is based on the VirusBarrier, which performs automatic real-time protection and scanning of files on your Mac from malware and virus threats. It also checks all software updates to be sure that you have the latest protection capabilities.

You can scan not only your PC but also a mobile device connected via Bluetooth or plugged in. All scanning activities do not slow down the PC performance. All scans have two options – automatic or scheduled.


The scanning capabilities of Bitdefender and Intego have shown the best results for finding cyber threats, including zero-day ones. There is no winner in this part of the comparison of Bitdefender vs. Intego.


Intego Security
Intego has a customized two-way firewall – NetBarrier. This user-friendly feature recognizes the type of network you are connected to and changes accordingly to all settings.

It monitors background app usage and informs about any problems. NetBarrier protects your PC from unauthorized access to wireless and Wi-Fi networks, blocking unsolicited connections.

When NetBarries detects other devices to connect your PC, you will receive a notification, and you can decide whether to allow or not access.


The security of Bitdefender is multi-layer and consists of many tools using AI as well, while Intego relies only on NetBarrier. For better protection when accessing suspicious websites, we call Bitdefender the winner in this round.

System optimization

Intego System optimization
Intego has the Washing Machine app to delete cache files, logs, downloads, duplicate files, and more to clear space on your hard drive. It will also collect clustered files into folders.

This cleaner utility helps to get rid of junk files and clear unneeded files. It automatically detects the most used apps and files; all unwanted and unused ones can be deleted with one click.


The system optimization tools are effective for both brands. There is no winner in system optimization tools.

Supported OS

Intego Supported OS
Intego has a seamless setup process, but after installation on Mac (the total protection) you will have five apps, each one with dedicated functionality. While Windows Antivirus is downloaded as one single app. The setup process and further configuration is simple.

Minimum Hardware requirements for Windows users are Windows 7 or later, 500 MB disk space, 2 GB RAM and high-speed internet connection for updates. Minimum Hardware requirements for Mac users are High Sierra (10.13) or later, 1.5 GB disk space and the Internet connection for updates.


The minimum requirements for Mac and Windows users are close to each other. Intego requires less disk space for Windows, while for Mac, it requires more than Bitdefender. So, we can’t call the winner.


Intego VPN
Intego has solid VPN service for the fixed price of $20 for Mac users per year. This price is for updating Mac Premium Bundle X9 to Mac Premium Bundle + VPN. The price does not count on the number of devices or subscription years. You can also purchase VPN for Windows or Mac separately for $4.17 per month (with annual subscription).

VPN protects online privacy and security by hiding your IP address. You can receive a new IP to access geo-restricted content. It also protects the user from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) recording their activities. You should be sure that your accounts are safe.


Bitdefender and Intego have VPNs for users of the most expensive subscriptions, or you can purchase them separately. The service helps to go around restrictions. Bitdefender proposes the service for a lower price than Intego, so it is the winner.


Bitdefender Mobile

Bitdefender has two separate apps for Android and Mac. The Android app has many protected tools to keep your devices safe from existing and new threats: detection of anomaly behavior of apps trying to steal your data, malware scanner, on-demand scanner, scanner of all newly installed apps, webpages anti-phishing, alert of scams in messages, anti-theft, saver of battery and performance, and VPN.

The price for a mobile app for one device is $14.99, and for five devices is $69.99. The system requirements for Android are Android 5.0 and later.

The iOS app has slightly other features: traffic filtration for all apps, protection of personal data (password, financial data, social accounts, and others), scan of your device, checking misconfigurations, protection against misusing the app traffic on the internet, alert of possible scams and phishing, encryption of internet traffic with VPN, and saving battery life. The price for one account is $14.99. The system requirement for iOS is iOS 12 or later.

Intego does not have a mobile app. You can also scan your device for viruses if it is connected to the PC, as stated above.


Obviously, Bitdefender is the most secure app for mobile devices compared to Intego. Intego does not provide any support at all, only scanning features with a connection to your main device.

Parental control

Intego Parental control
As a bonus for Intego users, there is another tool that you may turn on in the package – ContentBarrier. It works as a parental control software to block or adjust control levels for specific websites.

This tool is helpful for protecting kids online and setting healthy boundaries. You can create several profiles for each family member and set limits on Internet usage, and Anti Predator will notify you in case unappropriated chat content is detected.


There is no winner in this comparison of Bitdefender vs. Intego, as they both have parental control features with similar capabilities.

Additional tools

Bitdefender has numerous features that are not available for many other antiviruses. Antispam feature filters phishing emails in email clients (Microsoft Outlook, ThunderBird). Moreover, Bitdefender Autopilot recommends security actions, and Wi-Fi security advisors assess Wi-Fi networks and routers. Other useful tools are Microphone monitors, Webcam protection, safe online banking, anti-theft, social network protection, file shredder, and password manager. The maximum antivirus package includes Identity Theft Insurance (up to $2 mln.), Court Records, and Multiple Bureau Credit (up to 3 bureaus monitoring) monitoring. And this is not all; the full list of additional tools per each subscription package is available on the official website. You can purchase several tools separately: Password Manager ($19.98 per year), Identity Digital Protection ($39.99 per year), Identity Theft Protection Standard ($79.99 per year), and Identity Theft Protection Premium ($109.99 per year).

In addition to standard real-time protection and scanning, Intego users receive only personal backup. With backup, you can synchronize data across computers and restore files if required. This tool backup protects sensitive files during computer crashes, and creates bootable clones.


The uncompromised leader and winner in additional tools is Bitdefender. All tools are available in the Ultimate plan.


Bitdefender has seven subscription plans with different mixtures of protection tools for almost every budget and different OS. You can also choose how many devices will be covered by Antivirus. All plans have a 30-day trial.

A detailed list of included tools is available on the official website. But all plans include multi-layer ransomware protection, protection from adware, spyware, malware, spam, phishing, scams, and fraud.

Supported OS1 device5 devices10 devices20 devices
Small Office SecurityAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS1-year plan
2-years plan
3-years plan
Total SecurityAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS1-year plan
2-years plan
3-years plan
Antivirus PlusWindows1 device3 devices5 devices10 devices
1-year plan
2-years plan
3-years plan
Internet SecurityWindows1-year plan
2-years plan
3-years plan
Supported OSNumber of devices1-year plan2-years plan3-years plan
Family PackAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS15.0$74.99$199.99$249.99
Ultimate SecurityAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS10.0$89.99$119.99-
Premium SecurityAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS10.0$74.991 month for $15.99

For Business, there are other subscription plans.

Intego proposes three plans for Mac users based on the required number of security tools. Also, you may choose the number of devices (1, 3, or 5) you are going to protect and the subscription length (1 or 2 years). You can purchase only Mac protection or also include protection for Windows devices. All subscription plans have a 7-day trial version. After the purchase of the chosen plan, you will receive the key to access all features for the upcoming year.

Mac Internet Security X9 includes real-time protection, firewall, scanning, VirusBarrier, and NetBarrie. Mac Premium Bundle X9 includes all from the previous plan plus a Mac Washing Machine and Content Barrier.

1 Mac3 Macs5 Macs
1 year
Mac Internet Security X9$39.99$54.99$69.99
Mac Premium Bundle X9$69.99$94.99$119.99
Mac Premium Bundle + VPN$89.99$114.99$139.99
2 years
Mac Internet Security X9$74.99$99.99$124.99
Mac Premium Bundle X9$129.99$174.99$219.99
Mac Premium Bundle + VPN$149.99$194.99$239.99

For business, you can quote a special proposal for VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9.
For Windows users, there is only one proposal.

1 PC3 PCs5 PCs
1 year
Intego Windows antivirus$39.99$54.99$69.99

Bitdefender has more subscription plans that cover more devices (up to 20) and more OS, including mobile. Moreover, you can purchase the Antivirus Plus, plan for one device for the minimum price of $29.99.


The detailed comparison of Bitdefender vs. Intego shows the high-security capabilities of both software. But Bitdefender has more tools to protect digital and private identities, a more supported OS, and a variety of subscription plans. If you need a simple antivirus specially designed for Mac users with the possibility to protect Windows devices, then we recommend Intego. Nevertheless, Bitdefender is recommended for protection up to 20 devices in one license for all OS. Bitdefender proposes, in addition to firm and reliable malware and ransomware protection, a firewall, VPN, and numerous tools for the protection of personal identity, banking accounts, SSNs, wallets, medical IDs, and many more. You just need to choose the required subscription plan from many options.