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ExpressVPN vs. VPN Unlimited Comparison Review

which is the best VPN provider? ExpressVPN is the best choice as it offers excellent security, has a robust server network, and decent speeds. It is also reliable when it comes to content access. But you can’t still rule out KeepSolid VPN Unlimited as it has its advantages.

ExpressVPN and KeepSolid VPN Unlimited are two household names in the VPN industry. They both offer excellent security and have several other similarities. However, there are profound differences that should inform your purchase decision. So, what’s the difference between ExpressVPN and Unlimited VPN?


The difference between ExpressVPN and Keepsolid VPN Unlimited is the protocols supported, privacy, speed, and performance. ExpressVPN is a more robust VPN that works with 8 protocols, offers fast speeds, guarantees privacy and confidentiality as it’s in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction, and has a credible no-log policy.

On the other hand, Keepsolid VPN works with 6 protocols, is slower, and doesn’t guarantee privacy and confidentiality as it’s not in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction and keeps logs. Moreover, it is not as reliable as ExpressVPN when it comes to content access.

🏆 Winner

Comparison Table

ExpressVPNUnlimited KeepSolid VPN
🖥️ PlatformsPCs, Mobile, Routers, TV Sticks, Gaming ConsolesPCs, Browser Extensions, Mobile, Routers, NAS, TV Sticks, Gaming Consoles, Roku, Chromecast, etc
💻 Devices55 or Unlimited
📜 Encryption256-bit AES encryptionAES 256-bit encryption encryption
🌐 ProtocolsPPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard, IPSec, and LightwayL2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard, and KeepSolid Wise
🪪 JurisdictionBritish Virgin IslandsUnited States
🤷 Logging PolicyNo LoggingKeeps Logs
🖥 Server Network3,000 servers in over 94 countries3000+ servers in over 50 countries
🧪 Leak TestsNegativeNegative
📺 Streaming✔️✔️
🏴‍☠️ Torrenting✔️✔️
🎮 Gaming✔️✔️
👨‍🔧 Support24/7 live chat, email, FAQLive chat, FAQ
🆓 Free Version
Free Trial7-day free trial
🛡️ Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee

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Check Price

Pros and Cons ExpressVPN vs. VPN Unlimited

ExpressVPN Pros
  • Offers all-round protection for PCs, mobile devices, routers, TV sticks, consoles, and so on
  • Excellent security courtesy of AES 256-bit encryption
  • Solid privacy and confidentiality as it is in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction and uses RAM-only servers
  • Reliable when it comes to unblocking streaming sites and torrenting
VPN Unlimited Pros
  • Offers all-round protection for PCs, mobile devices, routers, consoles, and so on
  • Offers airtight security courtesy of AES 256-bit encryption
  • Has a lifetime plan that supports unlimited simultaneous connections
  • It has a good mix of security features, including add-ons such as Smart DNS, DNS Firewall, SOCKS5 proxy, a password manager, and a browser
  • Vast server network
ExpressVPN Cons
  • Allows a maximum of 5 simultaneous connections
VPN Unlimited Cons
  • It is based in the United States and keeps logs, so privacy is not guaranteed
  • Not reliable in unblocking streaming sites and limits torrenting

ExpressVPN and VPN Unlimited Comparison Review

In this main segment of this ExpressVPN vs. VPN Unlimited comparison review, we have compared the two providers based on the important aspects considered when choosing a VPN. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Brand Trust

Established in 2009 by ExpressVPN International Ltd., ExpressVPN is among the best VPN brands. Today, it is part of the companies owned by Kape Technologies.

This cybersecurity firm owns and operates several other top VPN brands, including CyberGhost, ZenMate, and Private Internet Access (PIA). With over 3 million users, ExpressVPN has been recommended by top cybersecurity experts and has bagged several top awards.

We scoured through Reddit VPN threads and other top publications, and we are glad ExpressVPN has good reviews save for a few complaints here and there.

At the time of writing, ExpressVPN commands a Trustpilot Trustscore of 4.6/5 after over 23,000 reviews which is very impressive.

VPN Unlimited, on the other hand, was established in 2013. The company is owned by KeepSolid, a renowned firm in cybersecurity software and internet protection solutions, including Passwarden, MonoDefense, Private Browser, Goals, and DNS Firewall.

VPN Unlimited is also an award-winning company that won the Editor’s Choice Award by PCMag in 2016 and is recommended by cybersecurity experts for its solid security.

Here again, we checked the top VPN threads on Reddit and other platforms, and we are glad it is also a trusted brand by consumers.

At the time of writing, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has a Trustpilot Trustscore of 4.4/5 after over 1000 reviews, so it is safe to say it is a trusted brand, though it’s not at par with ExpressVPN.

2. Supported Devices

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is also an all-rounder that works with several devices. The VPN has apps for PCs, including macOS, Linux, and Windows, alongside browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Firefox. There are also apps for mobile devices running on Windows, iOS, and Android.

VPN Unlimited also works with routers and NAS via manual configuration. Other devices this VPN is compatible with include Apple TV, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Kodi, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

As for the allowed simultaneous connections, KeepSolid allows a maximum of 5 simultaneous connections, but you can always add more devices via an already-connected router. For the record, KeepSolid has an exclusive Lifetime deal that allows for unlimited connections.

3. Usability

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is also user-friendly.

To get started, click the Get Started button redirecting to the plans page, where you need to select a preferred plan.

In the next step, enter your email address and add a payment method before completing the order. The last step is creating an account, downloading the software, and logging in. KeepSolid also has an intuitive interface with a pretty clear navigation and menu.

4. Security (Encryption,Protocols)


KeepSolid is also a highly secure VPN that uses AES 256-bit technology to encrypt all traffic sent via the VPN, thus guaranteeing that it’s only you who sees your data; no 3rd parties or prying eyes. RSA-4096 keys and 3DES for authentication further beef up security. As far as encryption is concerned, VPN Unlimited is at par with ExpressVPN.


KeepSolid VPN is also well-endowed when it comes to the supported protocols, as it works with 6 protocols; L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, OpenVPN, WireGuard, and KeepSolid Wise. L2TP and IPSec are for Windows Mobile and older OS versions, respectively.

For stable connections and reliability IKEv2 works best, while OpenVPN suffices for those who want uptight security and easy configuration. For faster speeds and security, there’s WireGuard. Just like ExpressVPN, KeepSolid also has a proprietary protocol. Dubbed KeepSolid Wise, this is a stealth protocol, basically modified OpenVPN with support for UDP and TCP to bypass firewalls such as the Great Firewall of China. This is what makes KeepSolid VPN Unlimited a good VPN for China.

5. Security Extras

Regarding security extras, ExpressVPN comes with IP, WebRTC, and DNS Leak Protection, ensuring your DNS and IP don’t leak. The VPN also features a network kill switch which comes in handy when the VPN connection drops. It immediately drops the internet connection preventing your traffic from leaking.

Another security feature is Split Tunneling which lets you decide apps whose traffic can be routed directly to the internet resource and apps whose traffic should be transmitted via the VPN.

Another security extra worth mentioning is Encrypted Private DNS which enhances the security of your DNS queries. To secure your passwords, ExpressVPN has added a user-friendly password manager.

KeepSolid VPN is equally packed when it comes to security extras. It also features WebRTC/DNS/IP Leak Protection and has a DNS and IP Leak test tool, so you can always check if your DNS queries or IP is leaking. The VPN also comes with a network kill switch that shuts down your internet connection immediately after the VPN connection drops inadvertently.

Another feature is Split Tunneling which allows you to have two connections; one via the VPN and another that connects directly to the internet. Unfortunately, this feature is available on Android only.

There are several other advanced extras, for example, a Personal VPN Server, Personal Static IP Address, Passwarden, SmartDNS, DNS Firewall, and Private Browser. However, some of these advanced features are not part of the VPN plan, so you have to pay for them.

6. Privacy & Confidentiality (Jurisdiction,Log Policy)


ExpressVPN is based in one of the most privacy-friendly jurisdictions, the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The BVI is not part of any surveillance organizations. Importantly, it doesn’t have any mandatory data retention laws.

On the other hand, KeepSolid is based in the United States, a founding member of the 5-Eyes alliance. Even though there are no mandatory data retention laws, the government can ask ISPs to store users’ data for up to 180 days when necessary, so this should make you wary of your privacy.

Log Policy

Keeps Logs ✔️
Audited Log Policy
Credibility Not Credible
On the other hand, KeepSolid VPN is also marketed as a no-log VPN, but there are a few things that should worry you. The truth of the matter is that it logs some data, including your IP address, country, device ID, web traffic amount, and session dates. To add, it is based in the United States, a country that can request ISPs to log data for up to 180 days. Furthermore, it doesn’t have RAM-only servers and has not yet been audited.

7.Server Network and Distribution

Regarding server network and distribution, KeepSolid is also a great choice.

It operates over 3000+ super-fast servers in over 50 countries and 80 top locations in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific.

These servers boast state-of-the-art hardware for optimal performance and reliability. There are physical and virtual servers specialized for speeds, streaming, and safe torrenting.

Worth mentioning is the Optimal Server feature that chooses for you the best server and the Favorite Location feature that lets you save your favorite servers.

8. Server Network and Distribution

Streaming Sites Unblocked Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+
Torrenting Yes (5 Servers)
Gaming ✔️
KeepSolid is also a reliable VPN for streaming, but it can’t match ExpressVPN. In our tests, it unblocked Netflix libraries, including Netflix US, Canada, UK, and Germany. It also unblocked Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+. However, for some reason, we were not able to unblock DAZN.

One thing to mention is that VPN Unlimited comes with Smart DNS, but then it has to be purchased separately as an add-on. On torrenting, it is also up to the task only that it limits users greatly in that you can safely torrent on just 5 servers in Europe and North America. The servers are quite congested so expect huge speed drops.

Last on gaming, VPN Unlimited is secure enough to protect gamers from DDoS attacks and other threats. It’s also possible to access geo-restricted gaming content, but on performance, the speeds are wanting, and so is latency as pings shot up to 35ms.

9. Customer Support

KeepSolid also understands the essence of customer support. The company also has multichannel support, with live chat as the best.

However, it is not available 24/7, as illustrated in the image below. At one point, we got instant feedback, but a few hours later, no agent was available.

Other support channels include extensive FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and manuals.

10. Plans, Pricing, Payment Options

ExpressVPNUnlimited KeepSolid VPN
2-year plan
1-year plan$8.32 / mo$5 / mo
6 months$9.99 / mo
monthly plan$12.95 / mo$9.99 / mo

Check Price

Check Price

Speed comparison: is ExpressVPN faster than VPN Unlimited?

📥 DownloadExpressVPNUnlimited KeepSolid VPN
🇺🇸 USA(CA)88Mbps/100Mbps61Mbps/100Mbps
🇨🇦 Canada87Mbps/100Mbps58Mbps/100Mbps
🇬🇧 United Kingdom82Mbps/100Mbps59Mbps/100Mbps
🇩🇪 Germany86Mbps/100Mbps64Mbps/100Mbps
🇫🇷 France78Mbps/100Mbps57Mbps/100Mbps
📤 UploadExpressVPNUnlimited KeepSolid VPN
🇺🇸 USA(CA)74Mbps/100Mbps41Mbps/100Mbps
🇨🇦 Canada73Mbps/100Mbps42Mbps/100Mbps
🇬🇧 United Kingdom68Mbps/100Mbps40Mbps/100Mbps
🇩🇪 Germany71Mbps/100Mbps49Mbps/100Mbps
🇫🇷 France60Mbps/100Mbps47Mbps/100Mbps

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does ExpressVPN work in China?

Yes. ExpressVPN is a reliable VPN for China. You can access all your favorite content from anywhere, including China. However, there’s a catch; the ExpressVPN website is blocked in China.

2. Is KeepSolid VPN free?

No. There is no free version of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. However, there is a 7-day free tria but limits you to just a single server.

3. Which is better ExpressVPN or NordVPN?

While the two are ranked as the best VPNs on the market, NordVPN has a slight edge in terms of security and pricing, while ExpresVPN excels in speed.

4. Why is VPN Unlimited so slow?

Like all VPNs, KeepSolid VPN will incur a speed loss as data is transferred from one server to another. To get decent speeds, it is recommended that you use WireGuard, which is the fastest protocol supported by the VPN.

5. Is KeepSolid VPN trustworthy?

Yes. KeepSolid VPN is a trusted VPN that offers excellent security, though, on privacy, it is not in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction and keeps logs. It’s also suitable for streaming and supports torrenting fairly.

Wrapping Up

That’s the end of this ExpressVPN vs. VPN Unlimited comparison review. So, what’s the best VPN provider to go for? Well, Keepsolid VPN offers excellent online security and decent speeds. However, it can’t match ExpressVPN as ExpressVPN is faster and offers excellent security and privacy. Besides, it is reliable in unblocking streaming sites and supports torrenting without server restrictions. What’s more, it’s the best VPN for gaming and works in China reliably.