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WDReportGen Features

WDReportGen is powerful and flexible reporting tool, and the most cost effective.

Looking for a powerful and flexible reporting tool that's easy to use, cost effective and extract data from any database? Microsoft ® Office is your choice. WDReportGen enables Microsoft Word ® to be powerful and flexible reporting tool.

Using Microsoft Word as your reporting tool

Just use Microsoft Word as your reporting tool. You design reports like layouts, formats and styles directly using Microsoft Word. And you will get reports in Microsoft Word document format as a result. Microsoft Word is powerful, flexible and familiar. You do not need to buy and learn extra reporting tools.

Making report template directly using Microsoft Word

The main advantage of using WDReportGen is based on the fact that all formatting is done directly in Microsoft Word. You can take full advantage of Microsoft Word including text formatting, tables, fields, pictures and graphics, drawing, page setup, headers and footers, preview and printing, VBA, macros, and more.

Manipulating Word reports with OpenXML SDK

Open XML is an open file format for the core document-oriented Office applications. It facilitates document creation and manipulation in server environments where you do not need to install the Office client applications.

Accessing to data using SQL

WDReportGen executes SQL statements to extract data from database. Supports all type SQL: DML, DDL and DCL. Multiple SQL statements can be executed in one report building process. You can perform queries on databases, insert data into databases, and create database objects like tables. The power of SQL can be harnessed for maximum efficiency in reporting.

Creating reports without programming experience

You know how to use Microsoft Word and how to write SQL, it is enough. It does not require programming to create reports.

Connection to databases using ADO.Net

Using ADO.NET to connect to databases, WDReportGen is independent of database systems. It can access to almost all of databases such as Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, MySQL, Microsoft Access and dBase through OLE DB and ODBC.

Supporting multi-databases in one report

WDReportGen supports multi-databases in one report. You can get data from some different databases such as Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server, and put these data into one report.

Generating reports with parameters

WDReportGen enables you to create reports with parameters. You may use parameters in SQL statements. You will be asked to input the values of parameters while creating reports.

Supporting Windows mode and command line mode

WDReportGen supports command line mode. So it is possible to call WDReportGen from other program. For developers, you can integrate WDReportGen into your application.

Creating complex reports

You can create complex reports. The complexity might come from report formatting as well as report content.

Creating reports with charts

WDReportGen enables you to include sophisticated, colorful charts in your reports. You can use charts any time you want to improve the usefulness of a report.

Creating reports with pictures

WDReportGen can insert pictures from the graphics files, and set the inserted way, text wrapping style and size of the pictures according to your instruction.

Many reports in one Microsoft Word document

One Microsoft Word document may contain many reports. You can generate a book of reports in one generating process.

Generating reports automatically

The process of report generation can be fully automated, periodically or on events. WDReportGen can be scheduled with Windows Scheduled Tasks or other tools.

One time configuration

With on time configuration, you can repeatedly generate reports especially periodic reports such as daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports.

Flexible deployment

WDReportGen can be run on your desktop or server.

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