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WDReportGen Benefits

WDReportGen is powerful and flexible reporting tool, and the most cost effective.

Looking for a powerful and flexible reporting tool that's easy to use, cost effective and extract data from any database? Microsoft ® Office is your choice. WDReportGen enables Microsoft Word ® to be powerful and flexible reporting tool.

Use Microsoft Word as your reporting tool

You have installed Microsoft Office in your computer, and you almost use Microsoft Office every day. You are familiar with Microsoft Word, and already know how to use it. Use Microsoft Word as reporting tool, it is very convenient.

Easy to use

You already know how to use Microsoft Word. It is easy. Get data using SQL. It is simple. You can create reports without programming experience. Easy to learn, use and maintain.

Powerful and flexible

WDReportGen is powerful and flexible because Microsoft Word and SQL are powerful and flexible. You can create extremely complex reports.

Saves money

You do not need to buy extra costly reporting tools. No training is necessary because everyone uses Microsoft Office.

Saves time

Reduce development time and training time.

Improves productivity

More productive when reports are in familiar formats like Microsoft Word document.

For various users

For IT users, you know Microsoft Word and SQL, it is enough. No programming is required. For business users, you can create report templates using Microsoft Word. WDReportGen enables you to design reports like defining the layout, style, format of reports. For developers, WDReportGen can be called by your program. It enables you to integrate Microsoft Word into your application.

Word Report Introduction Download WDReportGen Introduction PDF (124KB)


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