Chapter 2 Installation and Startup

Software Requirements

Supported Operating System:

This software requires the following:

Installing WDReportGen

Run the installation program, and follow the instructions to complete WDReportGen installation.

If you doní»t have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed, please install it first.

If you doní»t have Open XML SDK 2.5 installed, please install it first.

Uninstalling WDReportGen

1. Quit WDReportGen.

2. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Windows Control Panel.

3. Click WDReportGen in the Currently installed programs box, and then click the Change/Remove button.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete uninstalling the program.

Command Line

WDReportGen can be run in Windows mode or command line mode. The Syntax of command is:

wordreport < wrf file name > [-C] [-D] [-I interval] [-U1 user1] [-P1 pwd1] ... [-U10 user10] [-P10 pwd10] [pa1 pa2 ... pa10]

wrf file name    Specifying a WRF (.wrf) file that tells WDReportGen how to get data from data sources and how to put data into a report.
-C    Run WDReportGen in command line mode.
-D    Display the generated report with Microsoft Word.
-I interval    Log the processing records message. If interval is greater than 1, it is the interval of records. If interval is less than 1, it is the percent of interval.
-U1 user1 ...
-U10 user10
   Specify the user names. user1 is the user name of the first data source. user2 is the user name of the second data source......
-P1 pwd1 ...
-P10 pwd10
   Specify the passwords. pwd1 is the password of the first data source. pwd2 is the password of the second data source......
pa1 ... pa10    The values of the parameters defined in the WRF file. You can use parameters in SQL statements. WDReportGen will replace the names of parameters in a SQL statement with the actual values before it executes a SQL statement. You can use no more than 10 parameters in one report.

For example, you have defined two parameters in your WRF file. The first parameter is sales date, and the second is the category of the products. You can run WDReportGen in command line mode as follows:

wordreport c:\wordreport\myreport.wrf -c 1996-05-01 "Dairy Products"