Microsoft Office Reporting Tools

Customer Reviews

"I love the product"

I must say that I love the product. It is not very flashy but it does not need to be. I write all my own stored procedures and want an easy way to report in excel for manipulation by our CEO and Sales Managers. I anticipate buying more licenses. If you need a reference I am happy to oblige!

-- Bill Bunny
IT Director
Eaton Office Supply Co., Inc.

"Very valuable and helpful"

I find ur shareware very valuable and helpful and found that it was the only shareware with this capabilities in the market.

Keep on developing that way for the good of all of us.

-- Laurent Palayer


And congratulations for this program: I think it is great! I use it to create the season booklet for my volleyball club. The data is all contained in a database behind our web site. To create the booklet for players, I use WDReportGen to pull the data out of the database into a nicely formatted booklet containing matches, players list, etc...

-- Laurent Piguet

"Very nice and convenient"

I find your XLReportGen product very nice and convenient. I love the product.

-- Garrett Lee

"Great stuff !"

hello, best great from germany. great stuff !

-- Torsten Ebhardt
Checksoft GmbH

"Very excited about what all it can do"

Just discovered this product and am very excited about what all it can do.

-- Jack Nelson
Executive Partner

"I love your XLReportGen product"

I love your XLReportGen product. I have used it successfully to extract data from Access and SQL Server data sources.

-- John Jelfo
Fiber Optics
SCHOTT North America, Inc.

"I am in need of a programs such as yours"

I am in need of a programs such as yours. I need to extract data from MS SQL and upload into a Jade DB via excel.

-- Mark Donnelly

"Very good"

Have just purchased XLReportGen and find it very good.

-- Steve Smith


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