Microsoft PowerPoint Reporting Tool

How to output report to Microsoft PowerPoint

PTReportGen is simple and easy to use. It does not require programming to create reports. It is enough if you know how to use Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® and write SQL statements. To output a report using PTReportGen, it requires only three steps:

Step 1

Create a report template file using Microsoft PowerPoint, define the layouts, styles, formats of reports.

For example, to create a Customer List report, you make a report template as follows.

make a ppt report template using Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 2

Create a PTR file with a .ptr extension using PTReportGen. The PTR file tell PTReportGen how to extract data from database, and where and how to put data.

For example, you create a PTR file, and write a report function and SQL as follows.

/* Customer List */
@F1=Report(slide=2 type=var cell=A2 pagebreak=19 reserve=2)
SELECT CompanyName
FROM Customers, Cities, Countries
WHERE Customers.CityCode = Cities.CityCode
AND Customers.CountryCode = Cities.CountryCode
AND Customers.CountryCode = Countries.CountryCode
ORDER BY CompanyName,CityName,CountryName

Step 3

Run PTReportGen to generate a report in Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

output report to ppt using PTReportGen

The report Customer List is generated as follows.

ppt report generated by PTReportGen

PPT Report Introduction Download PTReportGen Introduction PDF (123KB)


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