Microsoft PowerPoint Report Tool

How to format reports using Microsoft PowerPoint

PTReportGen is a template-based reporting tool that retrieves data from database and fills Microsoft ® PowerPoint ® report with them.

Creating a report template directly in Micosoft PowerPoint

To make a report using PTReportGen, you should create a report template first. This report template is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that defines the layouts, formats and styles of the report. How to create a new presentation, refer to Microsoft PowerPoint Help.

Creating a template for a table report

To create a table report, you need to create a table in the report template file according to the report. The format of the table is the same as the format in the report. The report template is a blank report. PTReportGen will execute a SQL statement, retrieve data from database, and fill them into the report.

For a fixed table report, the format of the table is the same as the format in the report, you reserve same rows/columns in the report template as in the report. For a variable table report, you need to reserve some rows/columns in the report template. PTReportGen will automatically add some rows/columns according to the records.

If you want to display the data value in a custom format, you can write formatting expressions into data cells in the report template file. PTReportGen will get the text of the cell as a format expression before it puts a value into a cell, and output the value using the format expression.

PPT Report - Formatting Cells

Creating a template for a chart

Charts are visually appealing and make it easy for users to see comparisons, patterns, and trends in data. You can create a chart in a slide using Microsoft Graph. PTReportGen supports charts created by using Microsoft Graph.

To create a chart, you need to add a chart in the report template file. The chart will be brought into the report file with the same chart type, display option, data format, label format and other chart item. The report template is a blank chart. PTReportGen will execute a SQL statement, retrieve data from database, and fill them into the datasheet of the chart.

Formatting a report template

PTReportGen supports ALL formatting features within native Microsoft PowerPoint, such as text formatting, tables, charts, pictures and graphics, drawing, headers and footers, preview and printing, VBA, macros, and more.

  • Characters formatting
  • To make text stand out, you can format the text in selected characters. You can change the font, color, size of text, bold and italic formats.

  • Paragraphs formatting
  • You can align, center or justify a paragraph, change indent and tab settings, and change the line spacing of a paragraph.

  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Bulleted and numbered lists in Microsoft PowerPoint are easy to create. You can quickly add bullets or numbers to existing lines of text, or Microsoft PowerPoint can automatically create lists as you type.

  • Automatic formatting
  • Microsoft PowerPoint, by default, automatically formats certain types of text as you type. Automatic paragraph formatting includes automatic bulleted and numbered lists and resizing of text in text placeholders if the text doesn't fit at its current font size.

  • Layout
  • Layout refers to the way things are arranged on a slide. A layout contains placeholders, which in turn hold text such as titles and bulleted lists and slide content such as tables, charts, pictures, shapes, and clip art. Each time you add a new slide, you can choose a layout for it. You can also choose a blank layout.

Outputing a report to another file format

PTReportGen is a converter too. You can convert Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to and from other formats, such as HTML, XML, RTF, text, and Works. To output a report to another file format, you must specify the file type of the report in the PTR file.

PTReportGen supports all file formats that Microsoft PowerPoint supports. The supported file formats include:

  • Presentation (.ppt)
  • Design Template (.pot)
  • Outline/RTF (.rtf)
  • PowerPoint Show (.pps)
  • PowerPoint Add-In (.ppa)
  • Web Page (.htm .html)
  • Web Page v3 (.htm .html)
  • Web Page Dual (.htm .html)
  • Windows Metafile (.wmf)
  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) (.gif)
  • JPEG (File Interchange Format) (.jpg)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics Format) (.png)
  • Device Independent Bitmap (.bmp)
  • Web Archive (.mht .mhtml)
  • TIFF (Tag Image Format File) (.tif)
  • Presentation for Review (.ppt)
  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (.emf)


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